January not gone to plan for you?

Feel like you’ve already failed on your goals that you set yourself January 1st?

STOP!!! There’s 11 months left of the year… Don’t give up on yourself and write the whole year off just because 1 month didn’t turn out exactly as you hoped! You can ALWAYS start fresh and turn things around!

So… Where to even begin with getting back on track towards your goals? Well it’s your lucky day my friends so couch your blessings (if you’ve seen Sex and the City then you’ll get that sad joke I just made.. If not I’m rly sry), because I’m going to leave my top 5 tips below!


LET THE PAST GO! Stop feeling guilty for ‘falling off track’ in the first place! It’s done now, so it’s time to get over it and look ahead… You can’t change what’s already been, but you CAN start now and change what’s to come!

PLAN YOUR NEXT MOVE! Okay so you need to analyse what happened in January – WHY didn’t you manage to stay on track to your goal? WHAT can you do now (that’s of course different to what you were doing) to put you in a better position to get closer to your goals? Once you’ve done that, you can then put plans into place ready for you to take ACTION on!

BE REALISTIC! There’s no point in telling yourself you’re going to go to the gym 5x per week if you can only really make it there 3x. There’s no sense in telling yourself that you’re never going to have a chocolate bar again if you love chocolate!? You’re just setting yourself up to fail! Don’t try and do everything all at once right off the bat. Be realistic about what fits in with your lifestyle and what is achievable for you to maintain, and start from there.

SET YOURSELF SMALLER GOALS! Don’t overwhelm yourself by constantly only focusing on your one big end goal. Instead, break it down and set yourself smaller daily/weekly/monthly goals to achieve, that will take you closer to your end goal. For example; – drinking more water, moving more, fitting in your training sessions, making better food choices for your goals etc..

TRACK YOUR PROGRESS! Regularly check in with yourself and/or your coach and assess/recognise your progress using various methods; – for example (but definitely not limited to) progress photos, weight, strength/fitness levels in the gym, habitual changes, lifestyle improvements etc… By doing this you can monitor your progress and make any changes/amendments if needed. It can also help motivation as you can regularly see your progress.. Which will both of course help you to stay on track!



If you’ve not managed to start off your year the way you wanted too.. START NOW! The months are going to pass by regardless.. Are you going to look back in a few months and wish you’d got your shit together today? Or are you going to look back in a few months and be glad you got your shit together today? YOUR CHOICE!